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Kava Kava Root, 100% Pure Ethanol 200 Proof (ACS-USP Grade) & Lava Filtrated Oregon Spring Water


Origins of Kava Kava Root


Nobody knows for sure the origins of the kava plant but today, it is widely believed that kava originates from Northern Vanuatu on the island of Maewo. Vanuatu hosts more species of kava varieties than anywhere else in the world. A botanical drawing of kava in the Natural History Museum in London, England dates to 1769. The kava juice is extracted from the roots of a kind of pepper-tree. 


The most prevalent kava origin legend is from Tonga. The centuries-old legend states that a couple was living alone with their only daughter, called Kava, on one of the Tongan islands. Then, one day, the sacred King of Tonga (Tu’i Tonga) along with some of his men, searching for food and a place to rest, landed on the island. There was no food to feed the king, so instead, the couple killed and made a sacrifice of their daughter to show the king respect and to honor him, and make peace.


Later the couple was shocked to find that two plants had grown up on their daughter Kava’s grave. Then one day they noticed two rats eating the plants and saw that one became intoxicated. That plant was named kava after their daughter who had been sacrificed. The other plant is said to have been sugar cane. From that moment on, all those centuries ago, kava with its intoxicating properties became an important ceremonial drink. It has been offered to the kings of Tonga ever since.


Benefits of Kava Kava Root 


Kava is most well known for its relaxation benefits while elevating the mood, decreasing anxiety symptoms, and increasing an overall sense of well being. The root of the kava plant contains 18 different phytochemicals, or plant-based compounds, known as kavalactones. These compounds alter the conduction of nerve signals, decrease excitatory neurotransmitters, increase the ability of the amino acid GABA to bind its receptors, inhibit the enzyme monoamine oxidase, and reduce uptake of the neurotransmitters noradrenaline and dopamine. 


Caution / Warning


Do not take Kava if you have been previously diagnosed with liver disease. Do not consumer Kava with alcohol as this can increase the chance of liver toxicity. Do not use if you are pregnant or trying to become pregnant. Do not give to children. 


Kava Kava Extract

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