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Do you deliver your juice? 

Yes we do! Every juice order and herbal medicine order over $75 includes FREE delivery for our Bend, Oregon customers. We also deliver to other areas in Central Oregon including Redmond, Madras, Sunriver, La Pine, Prineville and Christmas Valley. There is a shipping option for every Central Oregon city with the fees varying from $10 - $20. We confirm your delivery time within 24 hours via email and give each customer the option to request a different time with no extra cost. We want to make ordering from Royal Juice Company as easy as possible for you. We promise to deliver each order at a time that is convenient for our customers with the option to change their delivery request if need be. We do require 24 hours notice if you want to request a later delivery. We have had customers change their delivery 10 times and it is no sweat off our back. Life happens, things change and we understand that at Royal Juice Company. Once you place a juice order, there is no expiration for scheduling a delivery. 

Where do you source your herbs from? 

Royal Juice Company proudly sources all herbs for our herbal medicine products through The People's Apothecary located in Bend, Oregon. We believe in supporting our community and are incredibly grateful for The People's Apothecary and the kind-hearted owner Katelyn Dexter. Samantha Royal completed her herbalist training at The People's Apothecary and you may find her working behind the counter now and again! The People's Apothecary is a one-stop-herb-shop with everything you could think of (AKA plant heaven) and every bulk herb you could possibly need. Royal Juice Company is proud and honored to source our herbs from The People's Apothecary. 

Is every product homemade? 

Absolutely. Every formula, infused oil, extract base, powder herbs, tea blends, mists and topicals is carefully researched and made by Sam Royal. 

How long is my juice good for? 

Each juice is sealed and the "date made" is on the bottom of each bottle. We recommend opening the juice within 5-7 days of it being made. Each juice is fresh for 1-2 days after the seal is broken. 

Can children drink the juice?

Of course. Cold pressed juice is a great alternative to sugary drinks, which don’t provide any nutrition.

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