Royal Juice Company was founded in December 2018 by Sam Royal. We operate as a juicing delivery service company delivering to customers all around Central Oregon. We use organic produce grown by Central Oregon farmers to make our juice as fresh as possible with no added sugars or preservatives. Sam Royal is a trained herbalist and has formulated all of the herbal medicine products along with the juice recipes. We offer full spectrum plant medicine in a multitude of forms so there is something available for every-body. Royal Juice Company was founded with the intention of providing healing plant medicine in ways that are approachable, effective and safe for human consumption. We are a company located in Bend, Oregon. 

 "We all have the power to heal ourselves so we can then heal others. It begins with becoming your own doctor, research more than you should and question everything you read, hear and see in regards to health. Experiment for yourself. Discover the golden ticket to maintaining homeostasis, balanced energy, full GI tract function, and so much more. Learn more about why plant medicine is effective, what it does to your body and most importantly how it makes you feel!" -- Sam Royal

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